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since 22-10-2002
The Association of Renal Technologists was founded as the Association of Renal Technicians in 1975 following a number of seminars organised under the direction of the Department of Health, the first of which took place in 1973 at the Falfield Hospital Engineering Centre.web based trading platform in Malaysia

The original mission was much the same as now to promote the field of work shared by technicians and engineers working within the sphere of Renal Medicine. Principally aimed at National Health Service staff the Association also has among its numbers employees of various medical companies with interests in Renal Medicine as well as a few with less obvious links.web trading platform in Malaysia

ART plays an important part in enabling Renal Professionals to share ideas and information, not only technicians, but also doctors, nurses and industry have all made use, at various times, of ART forums. The British Renal Symposium out of what was originally the ART Symposium and now involves Renal Professionals from all areas. ART again holds its own National Meeting as well as a number of regional meetings.browser based trading platform

The ART website ( is continually being expanded to include new links and items of interest. The Association newsletter ARTERY is published quarterly carrying articles and information of interest to all Renal Professionals.

Current projects include the development of a training programme using the City University in London, a joint voluntary register of Clinical Technologists in conjunction with the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (IPEM), and an affiliation agreement with IPEM to allow for a wider sharing of information and ideas.

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